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DescriptionMaterial:Outer body steel.
Mounting bush plastic.
Version:Steel electro zinc-plated.Note:Rotation dampers are maintenance-free, ready-to-install elements for the controlled braking and damping of rotational or linear movements.

These rotation dampers enable the smooth opening and closing of small covers, compartments and drawers. They protect sensitive components and can also raise the quality and value of products.

The rotation dampers brake right or left rotations or in both directions.

One cycle rate corresponds to one 360° right rotation and one 360° left rotation.
Attention:The rotation damper bush should not be used as a support, but rather as an external guide or bearing.Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet 26330 Rotation dampers, steel rotation right, left or both directions 182 kB


Rotation dampers, steel rotation right, left or both directions

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Order No.Version 1Version 2FormTorque
Cycle rate
(cycles per minute)

26330-65010rightround holeA1±0,3501265564742,864,510,31,2591- 36.43 €
26330-65011leftround holeA1±0,3501265564742,864,510,31,2591- 36.43 €
26330-65020rightround holeA2±0,3501265564742,864,510,31,2591- 36.43 €
26330-65021leftround holeA2±0,3501265564742,864,510,31,2591- 36.43 €
26330-79030rightround holeA3±0,3501279685752,4105,513,81,6111- 44.22 €
26330-79031leftround holeA3±0,3501279685752,4105,513,81,6111- 44.22 €
26330-79040rightround holeA4±0,5501279685752,4105,513,81,6111- 44.22 €
26330-79041leftround holeA4±0,5501279685752,4105,513,81,6111- 44.22 €
26330-79050rightround holeA5±0,5501279685752,4105,513,81,6111- 44.22 €
26330-79051leftround holeA5±0,5501279685752,4105,513,81,6111- 44.22 €
26330-79060rightround holeA6±0,5501279685752,4105,513,81,6111- 45.60 €
26330-79061leftround holeA6±0,5501279685752,4105,513,81,6111- 45.60 €
26330-79070rightround holeA7±0,5501279685752,4105,513,81,6111- 45.60 €
26330-79071leftround holeA7±0,5501279685752,4105,513,81,6111- 45.59 €
26330-79080rightround holeA8±0,5501279685752,4105,513,81,6111- 45.59 €
26330-79081leftround holeA8±0,5501279685752,4105,513,81,6111- 45.59 €
26330-65022both directionssquare socketB2±0,3501265564742,884,510,31,258-1,5 28.26 €
26330-65032both directionssquare socketB3±0,3501265564742,884,510,31,258-1,5 28.26 €
26330-65042both directionssquare socketB4±0,3501265564742,884,510,31,258-1,5 28.26 €
26330-79032both directionssquare socketB3±0,3501279685752,4105,513,81,69-1 30.15 €
26330-79042both directionssquare socketB4±0,5501279685752,4105,513,81,69-1 30.15 €
26330-79052both directionssquare socketB5±0,5501279685752,4105,513,81,69-1 30.15 €
26330-79062both directionssquare socketB6±0,5501279685752,4105,513,81,69-1 32.04 €
26330-79072both directionssquare socketB7±0,5501279685752,4105,513,81,69-1 32.67 €
26330-79082both directionssquare socketB8±0,5501279685752,4105,513,81,69-1 34.24 €
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