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DescriptionMaterial:Frame aluminium profile 45x45 type B.
Bearing flanges aluminium.
Screws steel.
Belt support stainless steel 1.4301.
Deflector rollers aluminium.
Belt support plate 2 mm VA plate.
Axles stainless steel.
Conveyor belt transport side PVC hardness Shore 70A (±5).
Version:Frame and bearing flanges anodised.
Screws electro zinc-plated.
Note:- internal drive
- 24 V DC electrically commutated, highly durable
- minimum installation space, no protruding edges
- integrated control technology
- widths and lengths in 1 mm increments on request
- flexible mounting options with profile system type B
- motor externally adjustable via control cables
- running side of the conveyor belt fabric polyurethane impregnated (TPU)
- conveyor belt fabric polyester (PET)
- conveyor belt transport side has a smooth surface
Technical data:- nominal voltage: 24 V
- type power: 30 W
- starting current: 2 A
- motor speed: 5000 rpm
- cable length: 5 m
- conveyor belt thickness: max. 2 mm
- cable outlet: right (standard)

Conveyor belt drive:
- brushless EC motor 24 V, 30 W
- control electronics integrated in conveyor belt
- spur gear transmission
- toothed belt drive underneath conveyor belt
Assembly:Electrical connections/functions (7-wire cable with exposed ends 5 m):

white: +24 V power supply +24 V, protected against polarity reversal
brown: -Gnd power supply -24 V protected against polarity reversal
green: direction switched to Gnd, changes the direction
yellow: disable switched to Gnd, belt stops
grey: brake switched to Gnd, briefly closes the winding, belt brakes
pink: speed 0–5 V speed control from 1.25% to 100% of nominal speed
blue: monitor N digital speed output
On request:- belt width B from 60 to 400 mm
- overall length L from 520 to 2000 mm
- other belt materials
- other transmission ratios
Drawing reference:
1) Self-locking setscrew (4x)
2) Slot width 10
3) Aluminium profile 45x45 type B
4) M6 (both sides)
5) Crowned pulley
6) Cable, 7 wire, 5 m
7) Motor control housing
8) Toothed belt profile T5
9) Drive roller, crowned
10) Spur gear transmission
11) Motor 24 V EC (brushless)
Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet 95300 Small conveyor belts with internal drive 142 kB


Small conveyor belts with internal drive

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Belt speed
m/min max.
Belt material
transport side
95300-010047060X5206052011,51:473smooth PVC, Shore 70A on request
95300-010047060X7506075011,51:473smooth PVC, Shore 70A on request
95300-010047060X100060100011,51:473smooth PVC, Shore 70A on request
95300-010047060X150060150011,51:473smooth PVC, Shore 70A on request
95300-010047100X52010052011,51:473smooth PVC, Shore 70A on request
95300-010047100X75010075011,51:473smooth PVC, Shore 70A on request
95300-010047100X1000100100011,51:473smooth PVC, Shore 70A on request
95300-010047100X1500100150011,51:473smooth PVC, Shore 70A on request
95300-010047150X52015052011,51:473smooth PVC, Shore 70A on request
95300-010047150X75015075011,51:473smooth PVC, Shore 70A on request
95300-010047150X1000150100011,51:473smooth PVC, Shore 70A on request
95300-010047150X1500150150011,51:473smooth PVC, Shore 70A on request
95300-010047200X52020052011,51:473smooth PVC, Shore 70A on request
95300-010047200X75020075011,51:473smooth PVC, Shore 70A on request
95300-010047200X1000200100011,51:473smooth PVC, Shore 70A on request
95300-010047200X1500200150011,51:473smooth PVC, Shore 70A on request
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